Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chelsea Charms the woman -largest breasts in the world

Chelsea Charms breasts have a combined weight of 512 lbs. As slender 5’2’’, that about 50% of the rest of her body weight!

Charms underwent breast augmentation surgery three times. The first increase of its extension to a DD cup, the other in a HH. Both were saline bags. The third surgery implanted the polypropylene string, better known as "streamers" which was banned in the United States, but was used in the procedures of the breast surgery in Europe and South America. In some cases, breast augmentation by the method of polypropylene, the breasts may grow at different rates and usually at a rate sometimes dangerously fast. In his case, they grew up in the choir, but their growth rate has declined steadily over the years. The contents of the original string were equal to 2500cc. Her doctor estimates the growth has increased the size of each breast to over 7000cc.

She said: “I call them Itsy and Bitsy.

"I have left is the biggest boobs in the world, but, well, have their will. Fortunately, they pay their way."

Because her breasts are continuing to rise, hundreds of pounds to Chelsea sketches bras specially made every two months.

He added: "People often ask me why I do not have the implants removed because they are illegal now that I should.

"I am not ashamed of my body is a work of art and Itsy Bitsy are my main assets, you may think I'm a monster, but I would not want my body in any other way.”

And now at time Chelsea Charms the woman with the largest breasts in the world

Monday, June 4, 2012

Deepika MMS Scandal

Do you pay attention to any announcement about the leaking of Deepika Padukone mms mobile phone clip? Definitely a lot of people are looking about getting Deepika MMS film but does anyone have the success? Definitely not, because it’s just phony announcement that grow on the On the internet a few instances ago and now all Deepika Padukone addicts are mad about looking at her scandal film on Facebook or myspace and various other film providing websites, but actually all they getting collision in their work.

Deepika is not only the amazing and greatest Bollywood star but she also is expected to be to a artist family and she is a well experienced personal. So why you people is paying out your some time to effort and energy in such a hot but phony star announcement.

On our web page she is definitely a style common who give new items to all United states indigenous national indian indigenous women so its our right to show against any propaganda about Deepika. A few a few months ago the same scandal announcement was grow about Kareena Kapoor, but what you found? Only a phony energetic on the web video in which Kareena take off her attire. Well this is a technological innovation era and there is a amount of of photograph and film changing Programs are available that you can buy through which you can enjoy any star character.

Bangladeshi Model Shokh Scandal Issue

In several places, there are download links are available on video from Bangladesh Model Shokh scandal, scandal video download free sex video Shokh Shokh etc, but the main thing is that true? He made his seduction boyfriend? And exposing a sex tape.

In the first video we saw a woman. No doubt the video model. However, video quality is very poor. Shokh is pretty good. But the woman is not Shokh Bangladesh model. She seems like Arabic or Middle Eastern women. His face looks more like Shokh. But she looks more natural and just smile and teeth are not even Shokh. And the girl in the video appears to be healthy, but Shokh seems thin.

I do not believe and many people will agree with me. Two images from two different women. The hole video is two minutes long. But the interesting thing is that the man's face is not shown in the video. The video is quite ugly and the video was taken by mobile phone.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bangladeshi Top Model Sarika Scandal

Bangladeshi model TV actress Sarika Scandal Video issue TRUE or FALSE? Sarika is a Bangladeshi model who is the top model in Bangladesh. Someone, some people is searching for Sarika’s scandal news, but unfortunately someone of YouTube user share a video which is Sarika not available, its title is “Sarika a Bangladeshi top model doing sex with her X boy friend”. The title is really attractive and you can nothing found here. You can search online by the keyword Sarika Hot Video, Sarika Sexy Photo, Sarika Model Scandal, Hot sexy video of Sarika, Hot image of BD model Sarika, Download Sarika Sexy video, Download Sarika XXX, Download Sarika image. But nothing found on the web. Its real. Sarika is one the famous and most valuable model in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Stylish model and TV celebrity Prova, Chaity adult movie scandal has already created some bad impact in Bangladeshi electronic media industry. Now another two scams on well-known musician Mila and Stylish model Sarika is shared lately. A site said, Sarika has been seen unclothed in a bed room of a man known as Pintu. That unclothed movie is being moved from one cellular to another cell cellphone. There did not only download the video. It also released the community feedback over that publishes. In another movie Mila has been seen unclothed with a guy. But that individual has not been acknowledged. Individuals are looking ‘Download Mila Scandal’ and ‘Download Sarika Scandal’ after posting that information in online.

Still the Sarika scandal movie is not available and not publish on the internet. Why not its really scandal news, Sarika Scandal is not TRUE.

Please 0 comment below what you thinking about Sarika Scandal? is it TRUE or FALSE.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nadira Nasim Chaity video scandal download or not?

We already informed that Chaity scandal has been know by huge individuals through a major Bangla paper. Now allows see what is there in the movie. It is very obvious that the young lady is Chaity. But the concern is who the men version is. Some individuals are forecasting that the men version is well known manufacturer Enamul Karim Nirjhor. Some efficient resources said to that, Chaity was completely ready about the movie. It was known that she Chaity revealed the issue to her closer individuals. But she did not say anything about her men version. This exposed movie is now propagate out through cell cellular phones. Chaity is now residing very perfectly despite the propagate of her scandal movie.

Chaity is the core of cricket centered system “Time to cricket” in Boishakhi tv. She is continuous the system as usually. But some gossips were operating in Boishakhi TV about her scandal movie. Some individuals are considering that Chaity has done it deliberately to arrive at to a higher place in press. Some individuals relevant with the system ‘Time to cricket’ said to individual her from the system. This system is showed in Boishakhi tv at 1.30 PM daily. Nadira Nasim Chaity began her profession with anchoring the system ‘Shuveccha” of Abdun-nur-Tushar.

Whole day individuals were seen to look for ‘Download Chaity scandal’ in online. Some individuals said that the movie is still not very available in online. but here is available.
Download Nadira Nasim Chaity sex movie scandal.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bangladeshi Top Singer Mila Scandal

Mila Islam the Bangladeshi most well-known females musician. She is also a Very talentent on her occupation for that within a few years this youthful able to entice the interest of the individuals.

In her profession way of life she became well-known by some hit tune like discobandor, baburam sapura. Where Fuad performs an important part.
But she also in the foucus of press for her rickless way of life. Individually Mila never health care who try to criticize her saying her individual way of life. She always proper value her occupation.

The last six several weeks was a disasterous time for the females superstars in Banglades, in this interval scandal record of some well-known superstar released through internet. Those movie propagate quickly in community by mobile cellphone or pc.

Their record expand by a preview which lately released. In the preview its discovered that a females like Mila was completely intoxicated where a man perform with her body system. Seeing this movie many individuals said that ya its musician Mila. but some of her lovers also rejected.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Soha Ali Khan MMS Scandal Video- that is really sad news

Soha Ali Khan bikini enlarging MMS scandals play on the internet. Soha Ali Khan is an Bollywood actress which sister of Saif Ali Khan. You can now watch it on the YouTube. This is latest internet searching result on Google on dated 23 Aug 2010. However Soha Ali Caught in MMS Scandal. You can also download Download Soha Ali Khan Mms Scandal Video

This MMS clip play over the India and world. However the main thing is In this movie she is getting naked and dressed in hand soft towel and prepared for the wax. An worker comes to her and waxes her body. This movie was taken without the concent of the celebrity.

This is video is now available on the internet. You can view this MMS scandal on YouTube with Short time. Soha Ali Khan has made this scandal by having a wax captured in a hidden camera. It is advice to look around you, when you are having a wax, otherwise a wax scandal can be made.

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