Monday, June 4, 2012

Bangladeshi Model Shokh Scandal Issue

In several places, there are download links are available on video from Bangladesh Model Shokh scandal, scandal video download free sex video Shokh Shokh etc, but the main thing is that true? He made his seduction boyfriend? And exposing a sex tape.

In the first video we saw a woman. No doubt the video model. However, video quality is very poor. Shokh is pretty good. But the woman is not Shokh Bangladesh model. She seems like Arabic or Middle Eastern women. His face looks more like Shokh. But she looks more natural and just smile and teeth are not even Shokh. And the girl in the video appears to be healthy, but Shokh seems thin.

I do not believe and many people will agree with me. Two images from two different women. The hole video is two minutes long. But the interesting thing is that the man's face is not shown in the video. The video is quite ugly and the video was taken by mobile phone.

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